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Friday, January 31, 2014

A deeper kind of Determined...

I'm in week 2 of the #MadeToCrave online Bible study. Man, oh man! God knows me so well & knows exactly when I need anything. This week our word has been #Determined  with our key verse being 1 Peter 5:7-8. To have a word like that with all that's happened this week was only a God thing! He knew what I'd face this week...He knew how I would feel most loved & cared for by Him. God's timing is perfect.

See, I've always been the person to say I have a lot of determination, but when it came down to it most times I wanted the end results without all the work & objections. I'd find excuses to convince myself that I could give up. This was a really hard truth to admit especially to myself. Because of giving up so many times, I started labeling myself as being a quitter, etc. I'd frustrate not only myself, but others that would show support only to have me back out.

This week, there has been a difference though. One I haven't truly experienced before that I know of. This time I know it's the Holy Spirit doing this through me. I've never had so much determination! No joke, EVERY time something came up or thoughts overwhelmed me with situations we know of that are out of my control, I prayed our verse back to God. I was #determined to let Him have control. I was #determined to trust Jesus with all these messy issues. It has been the neatest thing to live & see of myself.

And then with the junk food! I've NEVER looked at heavenly Reese's & not wanted to taste their sweet heavenly flavors! God strengthens me while standing in that checkout line at Wal-Mart by reminding me that yes it's good, but it's not beneficial to me. And I check out & leave the store Reese's-free! I've noticed I'm finding healthier food desirable, just like Lysa talked about...I'm retraining my taste buds & body to like salad, veggies, fruits, etc. It's awesome! All glory to God!


  1. Woot woot!! Praising with you as you leave Wal-Mart Reese Free!!!! :)

  2. Stay #Determined! Thank you for your post. Great job.
    Carla Pollard
    OBS Blog Hop Team

  3. Great motivation. You can and will do this! Look at you resisting!!!! Be blessed my dear friend!

  4. Oh yes! I so have been there wanting results without the work. I had to laugh at "Heavenly Reese's". :) May God continue to strength your Determination to walk the path of obedience to Him!