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Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Sunday, I started the Made To Crave Action Plan with Proverbs 31 online. Lemme tell  ya''s only been the first few days of this, but after watching the video of Lysa with Dr Ski Chilton...whew! This is going to be another awesome study!

Do you realize the food industry throws 3,800 calories at each one of us (man, woman & child) EVERY DAY?! Have you really sat back & pondered how many times you hear of or see ads for food?? I mean, it wasn't by coincidence that the candy, chocolate bars, snack size bags of chips, etc are seen when you are waiting to check out. I just can't believe how much crap is pushed at me...all while being shown as what I "need" to be happy or how this won't last long so get it "now" or that I'll get over anything by eating that food, etc. Think about this:
  • How many commercials do you see throughout your favorite sitcom that involve food??
  • How many billboards do you see while driving down the road that are just calling your name to that food displayed??
  • How many jingles do you know that are for certain foods (ie - "I'm lovin' it", etc)??
Crazy, right?! What's even more bothersome is that I've grown accustomed to this. I didn't even realize until I stopped & thought about it how food is everywhere. Don't think so? Let's play a guessing game...guess which restaurant these belong to:

Now obviously I could go on & on with logos from restaurants you know...but you get the idea. :) How much does food rule in your life??

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